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Is It Important To Check The Course Syllabus Prior To Enrolling?

Is It Important To Check The Course Syllabus Prior To Enrolling?

Now that you are finally enrolled in a language course or school, the next step would be getting your hands on the materials that you will need for class. One of these resources is a course syllabus. First and foremost, let us define what a course syllabus is.

A syllabus is a document that contains the class’ course content, outline of topics per weeks, and information about the lecturer. This also serves as a guide for students so they can be informed about the different activities that are expected to be done within the duration of the course.

You can almost say that a few pages of your course syllabus can serve as your map to making your way successfully out of a language class. If you are still not yet convinced as to why a course syllabus plays an important role in your life as a student, you should consider reading the entire article as we have written down a few points why you should start scanning those pages!

It contains the most important information about your class.

Be it your professor or facilitator’s contact information or attendance policy, a course syllabus is deemed important because of the essential details that you need to know regarding your class.

Detailed schedule.

A normal course syllabus would often include a breakdown of schedule and activities that are expected to be done in a week. For example, during the first week of your course, the activities proposed are the introduction to the language and learning the basics. A detailed schedule is very helpful for when you want to manage your time and distribute evenly a specific number of hours per activity depending on their importance.

You can read in advance.

If you have already scanned your course syllabus, chances are, you are now aware of the different topics you will be tackling in the next few days or weeks. You can take advantage of this situation and start researching about the topics. Doing an advanced reading can put you at an advantage since you already have a small background on the topics that will be discussed.

 You will have an idea of how you will be graded.

Normally, course syllabi contain the criteria for grading every student per semester or per period. It has the detailed breakdown of what components are included in every classroom activities and its equivalent in overall mark. If you are aware of how you will be graded in a particular class, you can already estimate the marks you need to pass, or better yet, clear the course with flying colors.

Due dates.

Since course syllabus contain your course’s time table, you will be informed ahead of time of the different due dates that you need to watch out for. For example, korean lessons in singapore conduct various activities for their students to further enhance their abilities and get a better grasp of their language. If you are well-informed about the important schedules in your chosen program or course, you will be at an advantage by preparing and practising ahead of time.

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