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How the Korean Wave Motivated People to Learn the Language

The Korean Wave, popularly known as the Hallyu Wave, has been a huge hit since its introduction in the late 90s. The cultural wave featuring various aspects including music, drama, movies, dance, and food is both a source of entertainment and information for the people across different nationalities. The Korean Wave gained traction in China and other Asian countries before spreading to other countries like Canada and USA. Today, almost everyone is watching K-dramas or movies and listening to songs from Korean artists. Read on to learn how Hallyu motivated thousands of people to take on korean lessons in singapore.

Use of Different Languages
K-dramas and K-pop use Korean as their primary language, but they also incorporate a mix of other languages, usually English, to make their content more interesting across different countries. This means that native Chinese and English speakers will understand some words on the movie or music, which spurs their interests in learning the Korean language. People are more likely to embrace something that makes them happy than any activity that is utterly new to them.

It is A Fun Way of Learning
K-dramas are mini-series, usually with 16-20 episodes. The Korean films and TV programmes are also interesting to watch even if you do not understand the language used by the actors. Most will use subtitles in English or Chinese in an attempt to reach out to millions of viewers across the globe. However, most K-drama fans have opted to learn Korean language of relying on subtitles to understand every little detail. Many have built up adequate knowledge after years of watching dramas.

Curiosity about Korean Culture
The Korean wave began as a way of exposing Korean culture to millions of people all over the world. Any K-pop or K-drama fan can attest that Korean has some of the most exciting traditions all over the world, depicted by their colourful fashion, creative dances, and excellent culinary skills. Learning the language has always been the perfect way to learn more about culture, customs, and ancient traditions. Some facts and stories embedded in Korean history have never been translated into English or Chinese languages, so learning Korean would be the only way to gain access to such information.

Korean Movies and Clean Music
Unlike the Western music, which is full of vulgarities and racy videos, Korean music and movies generally take into consideration to all viewers of the family. The fact that everyone in the family can watch a movie without feeling uncomfortable about some scenes speaks volumes about the norms guiding the Korean culture.

The Korean Wave is no longer limited to music or film, but also to other aspects such as food, fashion and even hairstyles. Stores in Asia and other parts of the world are also stocking clothing, jewellery, and even cosmetics tailored to meet the K-pop and K-drama fans. Therefore, we cannot ignore the contribution of Hallyu in the rising interest towards the Korean language.

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