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How Learning A Second Language Can Make Your Child Do Better In School

Learning Korean In Singapore

There are many ways to succeed in today’s global market. Knowing how to speak a foreign language fluently is one of them.

Knowing how to speak, read, and write a second or even third and fourth language is a skill that can be learned at any point in your life. Even among children, a second language can prove valuable for their education and performance in school.

For parents out there, it’s never too early to put your child on the path to success. This starts with teaching them another language.

Below are ways where learning a second language can help make your child perform better in school.

1. Better performance in native language

Various research studies have concluded that children studying a foreign language also see improvements with their performance in their native language.

Children can learn grammatical structures better in both languages. More importantly, teaching a child a second language earlier on helps them to acquire language-learning skills. Acquiring these skills makes it easier for children to learn more languages as they grow older.

2. Improved understanding of cultural diversity

When you learn a second language, you not only learn their alphabets, words, phrases, grammar and more. You also learn more about their culture, how their language came to be, and who the people are.

Teaching a child a second language early on helps make them more empathetic towards other cultures. Having an improved understanding of other people’s cultures makes getting along with others easier as a child and later on, an adult.

3. A sense of achievement

Just like learning a new skill or a sport, learning a new language gives your child a sense of accomplishment. This feeling helps to enhance their self-esteem and self-awareness, ensuring that they grow up to be confident and well-rounded adults.

4. More cognitive control and development

Bilingual children can switch back and forth between multiple languages. This has been shown to improve their tendency towards creativity and to have better critical thinking skills. It also makes them excellent at multi-tasking and solving problems in comparison to monolingual children.

As you can see, there are many advantages to having children learn a second language early on, and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface. With the world becoming more and more interconnected, we’re only going to see more benefits of breaking the communication barrier and speaking languages outside your native tongue fluently.

Set your child up for success by teaching them another language like learning Korean in Singapore. Enrol your child in a Korean language school to increase the likelihood of them growing up to be confident, creative, critical thinkers and problem solvers who know how to navigate in an increasingly global workspace.

Keep in mind that all children, and even adults, learn at a different pace. Focus on making the language-acquisition process fun and memorable for your kids, as well as for yourself as the parent.

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