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How K-Pop Influenced People to Learn the Korean Language

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K-pop’s popularity has been concentrated only in Asian countries for the last two decades. However, trends have completely changed over the past few years with more people from other continents embracing Korean pop music at an astonishing rate. The advancements in technology and the presence of many social media sites such as YouTube, has contributed greatly to the rapid expansion of its fan base. K-pop covers all genres: from hip-hop, rock, bubble-gum pop, and even RnB.

The number of people developing an interest in learning Korean in Singapore has been rising tremendously since K-pop’s explosion in the country. The increased need to understand every word in K-pop has contributed significantly to this increased demand for the Korean language. Some attend Singapore’s Korean courses to enjoy watching Korean dramas and videos without using subtitles. We cannot ignore K-pop as a major driver in demand for korean lessons in singapore. We are going to look at the various ways K-pop has influenced most people’s decision to learn Korean.

K-pop Music and the Korean Culture
The Korean government has been advocating for the use of music to spread their culture and traditions since the sudden popularity of K-pop in the international world. Both music idols, as well as up and coming artists, have succeeded in doing so by incorporating various cultural aspects such as fashion and dances in their music. Many feature appetising traditional cuisines in their music videos and dramas, reaching out to millions of viewers. This developed the urge to learn the language and get to know the rich Korean culture and enjoy the delicious cuisines.

Some K-pop music uses more than one language
Many K-pop songs use English or Chinese words, making it easy for any native language speakers to understand some parts of the songs. Listening to such songs often stirs curiosity among fans, and this will further urge them to learn Korean in Singapore. A K-pop fan who understands some parts of the song in their native language will make an effort to understand the rest of the song.

Musical Learning Makes Language Easy to Master
Most language tutors have been using the musical teaching technique in children’s classes to help them master the language quickly and capture their attention. Therefore, it does not hurt if you sing along to a few K-pop tunes to master the pronunciation. Music also exposes you to endless Korean words, many of which you would not have learned in a Korean classroom setting.

K-pop is still spreading across many countries all over the world, and many more will enroll in Korean language courses. K-pop is not only limited to music, but you also get to enjoy various fashion and dancing trends from the artists. You also have the chance of learning about the rich Korean culture by listening to songs or watching K-pop videos. Remember that using words repeatedly will automatically help you learn new vocabulary and improve your spoken language more than simply learning the language in a classroom setting. Therefore, you should not ignore the importance of singing along to K-pop music and watching dramas if you want to master the language as quickly as possible.

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