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Fun Verbal Exercises to Help You Learn Korean Faster

The phonetics of any new language is hard to grasp. Do not worry though, here are a few verbal exercises which can help you learn to speak Korean faster and more fluidly. All you need is a little bit of confidence and a mirror!

Sell something

Stand in front of a mirror, choose any of your favourite products and try selling that product in Korean. Take around two minutes to list the distinctive features and benefits of the product you are pretending to sell. Make a fun advertisement and turn towards the mirror. Now try to sell it by saying the lines from the advertisement you just came up with. This will improve your vocabulary and would allow you to learn Korean adjectives much more easily than simply sitting down and memorising them.

Describe History

We understand history can be a bit boring, but we all have a favourite historical figure. Identify your favourite figure and write down a three-minute-long speech from their perspective, in a first-person style. Since this is a first-person speech, you will get to polish your sentence construction and grammar. This will also help you to comprehend what native speakers try to convey to you about themselves and their experiences.

Report a News Story

Pick a news event to report on, anything from the election of Donald Trump to Brexit. Try to convey the message whilst looking into a mirror, as if you were a news anchor. Spend around 2 minutes to plan and between 1-2 minutes for speaking. This will be a great vocabulary enhancer for you as you might come across new words but they might be common phrases and expressions in Korean. The aforementioned activity would also hone your speaking aptitude.

Sing a Song

Pick any of your favorite upbeat songs, from Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” to Zara Larsson’s “Symphony”. Translate the song lyrics to Korean, and then try singing the song with the translated lyrics whilst standing in front of a mirror. This will allow you to boost your translation, as well as speaking skills and your Korean vocabulary will increase two-fold.

Hard Questions

Try a hard questions exercise. As you stand in front of the mirror, try asking yourself: which is better “Marvel or DC?” “Superman or Batman?” Try all sorts of questions and then come up with answers. List down the strengths and weaknesses of both Superman and Batman and then conclude. Look into the mirror and try giving a short speech, stating your reasons of who is better, in Korean of course. This will greatly improve your thinking and language skills.

Lessons My Grandmother Taught Me

Take a few hours to prepare for this. Pick a local Korean proverb. Come up its literal and figurative translation in English and write a short story to try to explain the proverb. Spend two minutes in front of the mirror to translate and then explain the proverb. This will allow you to practice and check your Korean skills; you can polish wherever necessary. Moreover, proverbs allow you to delve deep into the local culture and heritage of the language you intend to learn. It will reveal to you the unique nature of the culture; the issues which Koreans consider sensitive and the norms and practices they value the most.

These exercises act as vital confidence boosters and provide you a wider command over the Korean language. You will not only have a larger knowledge of Korean vocabulary, but also have the grammatical rules readily available at your fingertips. Attending korean lessons in singapore and supplementing it with these exercises will help you improve to no end.  After going over these exercises, we are positive you will be able to emerge as confident as a native speaker.

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