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Five Amazing Resources For Learning Korean That Work

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There are several reasons why Singaporeans may want to learn Korean. It is not just one of the richer countries in Asia with a large economy and population, but Korean culture has become very popular across the globe.

If you’ve enrolled for Korean lessons in Singapore, you’ve probably been able to enjoy K-pop music and Korean dramas without the subtitles.

However, mastering Korean is a challenge for many Singaporeans. The different sentence structures and honorific systems can be unfamiliar and sometimes hard to grasp.

Fortunately, there are several resources that can help you learn Korean. Below is a list of what we think is easy to access and can help you make significant improvements in your learning.

Learn Korean with podcasts

Podcasting is growing in popularity in Singapore. Although the market is not as large as in Western countries, podcasting has gained a foothold in Singapore and is steadily growing.

Unlike radio, which is often controlled by the state’s agenda and filled with advertisements, podcasters have the freedom to broadcast whatever they want, and for unlimited lengths of time. This means that listeners are engaged in the conversations or programs more intimately.

Taking audio Korean lessons in the form of podcasts, accompanied by other online materials such as videos and dictionaries can enhance your understanding of the Korean language immensely.

So, go ahead and check out a few Korean podcasts!

Watch and listen to Korean TV dramas

There’s no better way to learn a new language than while you are having fun. Korean dramas are fun to watch and captivating.

The best part is that you will enhance your listening and pronunciation skills immensely.

But, you’ve got to be ready to hit the replay button quite frequently.

Use Korean fluency guides

There are various fluency guides which are excellent for boosting your grammar skills. Most of these fluency guides come with audio classes that start at the very basic level and employ the ‘listen and repeat’ technique to help you master the language.

The best part is that many of these fluency guides are time bound. This means that you will progressively learn different aspects of the Korean language every day. Although the portions may seem small, eventually you will achieve a prescribed target in a predictable time. You can use these guides to supplement your existing Korean classes.

Speak Korean via Skype

One of the main ways you can improve your mastery and fluency in the Korean language is by having regular, authentic conversations with a native speaker. However, apart from your teacher, you may not know any other fluent Korean speaker locally.

But, that doesn’t have to remain a problem.

There are various tools available online which will help you to connect with native speakers (of any language all over the world) and practice speaking. You can arrange practice sessions via Skype and hone your language skills.

Enrol in Korean classes

Thankfully, there are more tutors teaching Korean lessons in Singapore than there was a decade ago. There are also plenty of institutions in Singapore offering Korean courses through a traditional classroom setting. They are not only affordable, but also very effective for picking up the language.

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