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Differences between English grammar and Korean grammar

Differences between English grammar and Korean grammar


People who are into Korean pop (K-pop) are also sometimes into their food culture and language. For these people, learning the language is also important. Who would not want to watch Korean novellas without looking into the subtitle, or listen to their music that you can understand?

English Grammar and Korean Grammar
People who wants to learn Korean in Singapore (who also has a background in the English language) may sometimes ask, “Is the Korean grammar similar to the English grammar?” Actually, there are differences between the Korean grammar and the English grammar, especially in word order. In Korean grammar, they have Subject-Object-Verb word order, which is the opposite of Subject-Verb-Object word order in the English grammar. Also, articles (like a, an, etc.) does not exist in Korean. This is sometimes the issue as to why some Koreans are having problems learning the English language. However, learning does not stop there. If you are eager to learn the Korean language (and have a goal in speaking with your idol in Korean fluently), nothing should hinder you. Go and have yourself enrolled in a Korean language school!

Korean Lessons
There are different language schools around the world who offers Korean courses. If you are in Singapore and not sure where to start – you can search for Korean language schools near your area. You could use different words and play with them for you to be able to find the right school that suits your needs. You could use words like Korean courses Singapore, Korean language schools and more. In searching for the right language school, there are several things you should consider – if it is the right school for you, or if the cost of the course justifies your acquired skill after enrolling (and accomplishing the course).

You should have a list of things you want to know before enrolling to a language school. It is never wrong to find the right school for you.

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