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Myths About Korean Language Learning So many things have been said about the Korean language being one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world. This is probably because most people just give up early on for lack of passion and enthusiasm. This is particularly the case in non-Korean speaking countries like Singapore. However, I believe that the three myths mentioned below are the reasons why Singaporeans consider Korean learning in Singapore a difficult undertaking.   Myth #1: Korean word order is complicated We have oftentimes thought that writing the Korean language

When is Korean Language Used in Foreign Negotiations If you are working in the central business district in a civilised and a prosperous country like Singapore, you will often find yourself in a position where you need to negotiate a deal or terms of engagement to a foreign partner who speaks a different language than yours. Aside from Chinese, there are companies in Singapore that use the Korean language in communication. It is a good idea to study Korean as much as you know how to use the English language. There are

The Origin of Korean Language   The Korean language, also known locally as Kugo, has a rich history behind it. Its roots have been linked to various ancient languages such as Ural-Altaic, Indo-European, Dravidian Ainu, and other languages. The Korean language has also been linked to some familiar Asian languages such as Chinese and Japanese. Korean is now known to be written in their alphabet called “Hangul”, although it is originally written in Chinese characters known as “Hanja”. The current alphabet Hangul consists of 24 letters, of which 10 are vowels, and the

How to learn Korean in Singapore? Learning Korean Whether your interest in learning Korean in Singapore begins with Korea’s prominent international companies, Korea’s rich culture or simply being able to communicate with Korean friends and family, a command of the language is quite essential to successfully understand and navigate all things Korean. Is Korean Difficult? Although the FSI(Foreign Service Institute) ranks Korean as one of the most difficult languages to learn, it is quite possible to reach fluency in the language. In fact, it has some huge advantages compared to Chinese and Japanese. To reach

Top Three Apps for Beginners to learn Korean Hangul (Korean) is one of the most challenging languages to learn for many English speakers. It differs in pronunciation and grammar, making it more difficult for English speakers to master the language. If you live in Singapore but don’t have the luxury to immerse in Korea, you don’t have to worry. Many language institutions can help you learn Korean in Singapore Singapore offers the best language courses in the world. Many language schools are made accessible to the learners. They have a team of

As a rule, if you come from an English speaking nation, most of your career options are in positions that exploit your English abilities. In today's business world, the ability to speak or understand a second language enables an individual to broaden the scope of job opportunities available to them. When people think about learning a foreign language, German, French or Spanish are some of their first choices. When business people consider learning Asian languages, they generally pick Chinese or Japanese. To Learn Korean in Singapore is now becoming an option

Five Insights into learning Korean as a foreign language People all over the world have taken it upon themselves learning Korean for a variety of different reasons, including being able to take the opportunity to expand their horizons. Here are five insights you may not have thought of that have everything to do to learn Korean language: Learning a foreign language is always useful and helpful for people in the business world. Korean is a language that offers a lot for those who wish to learn an Asian language. Learning Korean can help you

Expert endorsed techniques on how to learn Korean effectively Although learning Korean language might seem imposing to a beginner, you can make extraordinary progress by just mastering the alphabets. Many students mistakenly believe that learning a new set of letters is difficult, not know that you can learn them in a matter of hours. When you need to learn Korean in Singapore, you should remember that Hangul, the Korean alphabet was invented with the sole purpose of making it easy on the learners. Therefore, with the help of modern learning methods, you

Learn Korean in Singapore with Some Common Words and Phrases If you are eager to learn Korean in Singapore then there are a few essential words and phrases you will want to get under your belt before you get started. These words and phrases will most certainly come in handy as you start your Korean classes. Annyeoung haseyo! (Hello!) Joheun achim. (Good morning.) Je ireum-eun, ______, imnida. (My name is,______) Sungham ee uttoke daesipnika? (What is your name?) Those phrases will start your conversation off on the right foot. As the conversation gets rolling, you can show off your

Top Ten Korean Phrases That You Should Learn Before Visiting Korea The Koreans certainly did all things right as they dominated the world just a few years ago. Thanks to their very distinct music style, fashion taste, and endearing TV shows. Because of this world recognition, more and more people from different places in the world have taken an interest in visiting Korea and learning Korean in Singapore. Before you cement your plans and set foot in the country, here are the 10 Korean phrases that you may find useful in your

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