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Can You Really Learn the Korean Language from K-Dramas?

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You might have come across people saying that they have learned Korean simply by watching Korean dramas. But is it true? Can you learn the language just by watching dramas? It is possible to grasp the absolute basics of Korean by watching K-dramas. Learning the Korean language is rocket science, and you can easily grasp the basics of the language by engrossing yourself in K-dramas. Of course, joining Korean classes in Singapore will ensure that you have a better grasp of the language.

But the question that has been raised is, how can you learn a language just by watching dramas?

1. Write down every word you hear. The best way to do so is to watch a drama and keep pausing after every 2 or 3 words to write down. At this point, you don’t need to worry about spelling errors. As you keep listening to the same thing over and over again, you will be able to catch words more accurately.

2. Now, once an episode has ended, you will have a huge list of words in front of you. Next, use a dictionary to find out their meanings. If you are unable to find the word, that means you probably have miswritten it. Move on to the next word. The next time you watch the episode, make sure you write out those words correctly.

3. The third step is to write down the meaning of the words you’ve found and study them. You will probably have a few words left at this point, but that is not an issue.

4. Now, you have learned what you had in hand. Repeat for a new list.

Does this Method Work?

Yes. This method works because Korean vocabulary uses the same wording every now and then. So, once you into the habit of listening attentively, you will learn bits and pieces of the language.
However, when learning this way, make sure that you use a wide variety of dramas. Plus, most Korean dramas are available with subtitles, making it even easier for you to learn the language.
The important thing here is to practice the words you’ve learned over and over again. If you use those words constantly, you will find it easier to remember them better. As the old saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’.

If you are residing in Singapore and finding it difficult to grasp the language despite continuously watching K-dramas, why not join one of singapore’s korean classes? Learning a language is always a fun thing to do, and Korean is easy to understand and grasp. Try your hands at mastering the Korean language today by joining a course to learn with formal guidance.

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