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Basic Korean Course

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Our basic Korean language course is meant to serve as an introduction to the language. In main, it will provide our students with a basic understanding of the language in an efficient and effective manner. However, it will also provide some simple instruction on the culture, which goes hand-in-hand with the instruction on the language.

Our Korean courses syllabus is published by the Language Education Institute of Seoul National University, our students know that they can count on it for reliable results. Our native teachers are certified and trained teaching Korean as a foreign language.


Course Curriculum

A simple vocabulary that will include many of the words that they can expect to use over the course of a normal day.

Beginner 1 – 10 Sessions Of 2hrs Each

Course Objectives

This course invites students without prior knowledge of Korean to explore the basic features of the Korean language. Supported by audio-visual aids, students will receive intensive practice in spoken and written Korean through interactive class work, homework and online exercises with special emphasis placed on oral communication and pronunciation. They will become familiar with the basic concepts of Korean grammar and learn how to interact in some simple everyday situations.

Beginner 2 – 10 Sessions Of 2hrs Each (Equivalent To TOPIK 1)
Course Benefits

Upon completion of the above levels, students will be able to develop their Korean communicative skills in effective ways. They will be able to converse with dialogues based on everyday-life situations that can be easily adapted to the real life. They will benefit from the flow of real class environment, from Vocabulary, Key Dialogues, to Conversation Drills, making conversation easy. They will know how to read and write basic Hangul characters and participate in various tasks and conversations further developing their communicative skills. They will learn the grammar points and grammar reference to understand the usages.

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