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6 Ways To Boost Your Korean Language Listening Skills

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Listening is a crucial part of learning any language. To gain perfection in anything you need to put in the effort. The same applies to sharpen your listening skills in Korean. Identifying new vocabulary or reading text should be a piece of cake after joining a Korean class in Singapore. However, the real struggle comes in comprehending spoken Korean. Therefore, how can you improve your Korean language listening skills? Below is an exclusive breakdown of techniques to make things easy on your end.

1. Make active listening a habit

Active listening and listening are not the same. When you listen, it is all about getting meaning or understanding a conversation. On the other hand, active listening is advanced as it involves getting the linguistic aspects of what you listen to. These linguistic elements include intonation, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. You could do this while engaging in a conversation with someone, listening to a podcast or watching a movie, and so on. By listening actively to conversations in Korean, you will be able to capture how sentences are framed and how ideas are expressed.

2. Listen to Korean songs

Songs are a perfect medium to elevate your listening skills in Korea. They incorporate rhymes, rhythm and repetition to heighten your listening abilities. Nonetheless, they make phrases and words easy to memorize. With a proper Korean song, you can improve your pronunciation and learn new vocabulary too.

3. Watch Korean movies and dramas

Another great way to boost your Korean listening skills is through watching Korean movies, TV shows and interesting dramas. Unlike songs that tend to be fast, movies are more realistic. They emulate real-life conversations. This way, it is easy to detect and grasp words and phrases effortlessly. Moreover, today, we are exposed widely to Korean culture and different subjects of conversation. Numerous Korean movies and dramas are available on Netflix and the internet, which you can give a shot.

4. Engage in Korean conversations

Engaging in unscripted real-life Korean conversations is an ideal way to heighten your listening skills in the language. Regular discussions with native and non-native Koreans will help you to get around confusing sounds and words. Baby steps are vital for a first-timer. You can socialize with other students during your Korean class in Singapore or practise it whenever you visit South Korea!

5. Focus on intonation and pronunciation

In order to understand Korean more efficiently, it is essential to focus on both the vocabulary and grammar, as well as the intonation used to express emotion and the actual word pronunciation. Likewise, you have to take note of the fillers included in the conversation. All these elements give any discussion a natural feel and are vital in boosting your listening skills.

6. Identify your challenges with Korean sounds, phrases or words 

Pronunciations in the Korean language are very exceptional. These sounds are unlike those in other Western languages like English. Most first learners rely on romanization of phrases and words which come out different in actual conversations. Therefore, it is imperative to identify the sounds, words or phrases that you find challenging to make listening easy.

Deciphering spoken Korean sounds should not trouble you with the tips above. Keep in mind that learning a new language demands time and patience. For more close and personal guidance in this luminous language, you can sign up for Korean classes in Singapore.

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