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5 Ways Learning A New Language Will Benefit Your Career

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In this global economy, one of the most valuable traits employees can possess is the capability to speak a second or even multiple languages. Learning new languages has obvious benefits, and most people start learning a new language to fulfil their own personal goals like, being able to communicate with others.

However, the benefits of learning new languages merely go beyond that. Being proficient in an additional language like Korean, Mandarin or Spanish illustrates to an employer the value you can bring to the table as an employee and a person. Here are 5 reasons why learning a new language can benefit and advance your career significantly.

1. Enhanced job prospects

When you understand and speak a second language, the chance of you attaining a job and getting employed is a lot higher. For instance, niche roles which require specific language skills often have fewer applicants, immediately giving you an edge over other applicants when it comes to getting an interview.

On top of that, research also suggests that candidates with a second language often benefit financially as well, obtaining higher salaries as compared to unilingual employees.

2. Wider network

Speaking another language widens your social networks, exposing you to various opportunities for potential partnerships and contacts, which may serve as useful contacts for you in life. For your career-wise, these new-found connections give you a substantial competitive advantage and may lead to more fantastic aspects like them being your customers or clients.

3. Working overseas

One of the most apparent benefits of learning a new language is the international opportunities available to you. This doesn’t mean that you have to quit your job and move to another country. 

These days, most companies have an international presence, so transferring to an overseas office can be as simple as having a discussion with your boss. Having International experience spices up your resume and in the long run, may result in you getting paid much more.

4. Brain training

Training your brain is similar to training your arms and legs in the gym. When you learn a new language, you train your brain, and this is an excellent exercise to develop your cognitive abilities. Despite requiring a lot of time and effort to master a foreign language, it’s definitely worth the investment. 

Such training helps you to focus, build your knowledge, exercise discipline and slow down cognitive ageing. This benefits you In a workplace setting where you can attain increased performance, efficiency and enhanced comprehension, therefore increasing the chances of you impressing your superiors.

5. Side hustle

In today’s gig economy, there are greater chances to earn a side income. Working for a second employer, or even better, yourself gives you the opportunity to earn a second or third income easily to increase your financial health. 

When you learn a new language, you can consider offering translating or tutoring services as they are one of the jobs which pay well. Freelance writing is also a viable option to further develop your grammatical skills and earn at the same time.

Learning a new language can have enormous benefits for your career.  In our Korean classes in Singapore we offer, we’ll teach you all you need to know to thrive in the language, so get in touch with us to learn Korean today!

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