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5 Tips to Help You Master Korean Language Effortlessly

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The Korean language is an interesting language to learn, but it is also challenging for many Singaporeans to practise and master.

Many who take up Korean lessons in Singapore mumble a few incoherent words when they are not guided on how to master the language.

Even if you are at an advanced level of learning, these tips will give you the extra push, needed to improve on your fluency, knowledge of honorifics and sentence construction.

See how you can master the Korean language effortlessly.

Master the hangul

The Korean alphabet, hangul, or 한글comprises of 14 consonants and 10 vowels. Some people argue that it’s the most scientific alphabet in the world which scares off early learners.  However, think of it as a mastery of science too.

There’s nothing scientific about learning hangul.  All you need is to learn the different characters and the corresponding sounds.

What this means is that you need to spend more time writing the characters and pronouncing the sound (out loudly) so that you can make a better audio-visual connection and memorize faster.

Use flashcards

With a firm grasp of the hangul, you can start preparing flash cards with simple words (at your level of Korean) for regular practice.

Flashcards don’t just work wonders for middle schoolers. They can help you to cement the information in your brain and develop active memory.

What does this mean? The more you see and pronounce words, the better your memory retention skills will be.

You can make your own flashcards or purchase from recommended tutors and online Korean course platforms in Singapore.

Join a language exchange community

Language exchange communities are amazing platforms where you not only get to enhance your language skills, but you will also expand your horizons and knowledge of cultures.

Human interaction is the ultimate tool for building your language skills. First, you are likely to have a long term commitment to the learning process. Secondly, you’ll receive first-hand correction on sentence structure as you practice listening and speaking skills. Thirdly, as you interact in the language exchange community, you’ll get to learn more about the people and their culture.

Watch Korean dramas

Korean dramas have grown in popularity all over the globe. They are a fun way to listen and learn about different vocabulary and pronunciations.

Some say that you can learn a whole lot about Korean culture just by watching K-dramas. However, we suggest that you take that with a pinch of salt. Dramas are meant for TV and entertainment. They could be reflective of the producer’s imagination and may not accurate portrayals of Korean culture.

Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to indulge in your favorite dramas, take notes and hit the rewind and replay buttons frequently.

Write a journal in Korean

Watching Korean dramas, joining a language exchange community and using flashcards will help you master spoken Korean tremendously. However, written Korean would still be a challenge.

You can enhance your writing skills by documenting your learning process. Try and write a daily journal of your experiences in learning Korean, such as new phrases from your Korean classes or your favorite scene of a drama.

The more frequently you apply these tips, the more you will be on your way to mastering the Korean language. It is always important to complement these tips by enrolling in a language school with Korean lessons so you can learn the right way.

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