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5 Simple Steps To Help You Learn Korean Language Quickly

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The Korean language is spoken by many people from different backgrounds. For starters, it is the official language for North Korea, South Korean and certain regions of China. For Koreans living in the diaspora, it remains a dominant language. Since many people speak Korean, it makes perfect sense to learn how to speak Korean – not only for connecting with people around the world but also for the rich cultural heritage it shares. Here are 5 simple steps on how to speak Korean;

1. Learn the Korean alphabet

The Korean alphabet, hangul, is a simple yet essential prerequisite for studying the Korean language. It opens your eyes to the 14 consonants and the 10 vowels which make up the 24-letter alphabet. Learning the alphabet makes it easier for you to learn how to write simple words, how to pronounce those words and how to construct simple sentences using those words.

2. Learn numbers and how to count 

Counting and numbering are essential when learning the Korean language. It helps you make purchases at the traditional market or write down phone contacts of your native friends. Learning numbers is an easy way to get started with the Korean language. However, the learning process may be a little complex as there are two different sets of Korean cardinal numbers and their use depends entirely on the situation. Signing up for Korean classes in Singapore can be of help if you want to differentiate these sets.

3. Go full-blown on vocabulary memorization

It is easier to be fluent in Korean if you have a lot of vocabulary at your disposal. To build your list of vocabularies, learn everyday simple phrases and/or words and memorize them. You can also lookup basic words in English and try translating them to Korean. If you are unable to translate, jot it down and learn about it when you find the time.

4. Learn about Korean grammar

Korean grammar is very different from English grammar. For instance, Korean grammar uses the subject-object-verb order where a sentence always ends in a verb. Moreover, it is very common that the subject is omitted in a conversation if it is well known by both parties conversing. This, together with other rules of grammar, should solidify your mastery of the Korean language within the shortest time possible.

5. Keep on the determined spirit

Getting discouraged when learning a language is quite common and is the reason why most people do not make significant progress with the language. The process may be long and tiring but the rewards are significantly pleasant. The trick is to not be discouraged when learning the language. If possible, taking up Korean classes in Singapore will help to keep you in the mood to learn more as there is an experienced teacher to guide you.


Korean is one of the languages that are easy to learn by following a few simple steps. You just need a determined spirit and the willingness to learn and everything will fall in place. If you are not making any progress learning on your own, consider getting a tutor to help you straighten up the nitty-gritty of learning the Korean language.

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