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5 Beautiful Things about Korean Culture

5 Beautiful Things about Korean Culture

Korean culture is special. It’s not just because it has managed to survive the test of time. It’s more because it has managed to grow, change, and develop into what it is today. Five thousand years and still going strong.

What are 5 beautiful things about Korean Culture? They are:

  1. Korean Language – The Korean Language is spoken by more than 65 million who live on the peninsula itself. It is also spoken by those that live on the outlying islands and also by 5.5 million other Koreans who live in various parts of the world. Koreans have a strong identity as a people because of their language. They all speak and write the same language. Learn Korean in Singapore is definitely going to benefit you.
  2. Korean Family Values – The family is everything in Korea. It is the center of everything and welfare of the family comes ahead of the needs of an individual.
  3. Korean Meeting Etiquette –  Greetings follow a code of strict protocol. South Korean will bow graciously when meeting someone. However, they do respect other cultural styles, and will shake hands when meeting.
  4. Korean Gift Giving – Gifts to Koreans are an awesome way to express a great deal about relationships and they are often reciprocated.
  5. Korean Communication & Relationships – Korean people do like to meet new people. However, they feel closest to those they know, and with whom they have formed a personal connection. It takes time to establish mutual trust and respect with them. Nonetheless, once you do, they are your friends for life.













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