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4 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Time By Learning Online

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Now with the Circuit Breaker measures, many have taken this chance to pick up a new skill. Apart from alleviating the boredom from being cooped up at home for the majority of the time, you can also improve yourself by developing your skillsets. Furthermore, with the Internet, this has become so much easier as it is both flexible and convenient whilst simultaneously presenting you with numerous opportunities.

1. Certification

What better way to show that you’ve learnt a new skill if you have a tangible proof to show for it. The certificates you gather will serve as a piece of document that will give you access to new opportunities. These certifications can be acquired through several means, including online classes. For instance, if you wish to pick up a foreign language whilst you stay at home, sign up for Korean classes that are readily available on the Internet. Once you’re done, you’d have documentation proving that you are proficient in the language, which will ultimately be a boon if you ever come across situations that need it.

2. Virtual Internships

When it comes to internships, many would often jump at physical internships compared to their virtual counterparts. Rightfully so, seeing as how you’d have hands-on experience at the workplace and you are able to practice what you’ve learnt there and then. That said, the same thing can be said for virtual internships. Whilst it’s slightly unconventional, the internship can still give you valuable experience. That said, the scope of internships and their job requirements will be rather limited based on the industry so be sure to do your research before you sign up for an internship that has nothing to do with your skillsets or interests.

3. Improve Your Reading Habits

Compared to when we are younger, reading has arguably gotten harder as we age. Not only do we lead busier lives, but the constant distractions also make it harder to concentrate on a few pages, much less an entire book. However, there has been a surge in free e-books readily available on the Internet and you can browse them during this crisis.

If you’re not one to read, you can always opt for audiobooks or even podcasts. There are always means to attain new knowledge, you just have to find the one that suits you!

4. Learn A New Skill

The general theme that ties the previous 3 pointers is the learning of a new skill. These skills don’t have to be academic focus or of that sort, it can also be recreational. You can pick up baking or even paint by learning it via online classes or simply follow a tutorial on Youtube. Who knows, you might even stumble on a new hobby! At the end of the day, you’d walk out of the crisis having learnt something new.


Being stuck at home doesn’t mean learning has to be on impasse! With all the resources – especially new and free ones – it’ll be too much of a pity to not make the best out of this challenging time. Whilst it is a rather scary period, you can have a semblance of control when you pursue your interests and new knowledge. Besides, you’d come out of the crisis with more things to offer!

With that said, due to the circuit breaker measures, we have decided to halt our physical operations and have thus, moved online. You can still brush up your Korean proficiency and fluency with our online Korean classes!

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