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3 Steps To Get Started When You Want To Learn Korean

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Besides the fact that the written Korean script is one of the easiest to learn, getting acquainted with the Korean language will certainly open doors to a culture you’ve never experienced before.

With good mastery of Korean, you will certainly be able to enjoy your favourite Korean pop music as well as the catchy and addictive movies and series of Korean drama. Learning Korean language courses will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in life. But where do you start?

Here are three simple steps to get you started on your journey to learning Korean.

Learn hangul – the Korean alphabet

This technique is not only limited to Korean but is also beneficial when starting to learn other languages. It is fair enough and obvious that you only learn a new language by first singing into the tune of the alphabets.

The Korean alphabet has 24 letters. Out of these letters, 14 are constants and the remaining 10 are vowels. To master your proficiency in the language, you need to be able to read. And reading starts by knowing the alphabets of that particular language.

The good news? Hangul is one of those alphabets that is very easy to learn, especially when you register for Korean classes in Singapore and get help from experienced, native teachers. Of course, when you look at it initially at face value, you won’t understand a thing about it.

However, it will be much easier if you learn the simplicity and logic behind these alphabets. There are individuals who have mastered the entire alphabet by just spending one afternoon in class! Others have done it in much lesser duration, so don’t be discouraged in learning.

Collect and accumulate your vocabulary

Most individuals who have excelled in mastering multiple foreign languages will tell you that you only need to know about 500 words in that language to be an expert in speaking it.

The same can be applied when learning Korean. The process can be simplified to mastering about 10 words every day and by the end of the year, you will be speaking the language fluently. When you regularly attend your Korean classes, this should also give a boost to expanding your vocabulary.

Focus mainly on the verbs

Korean is one of those languages where verbs form the major part of the sentence. You can also comfortably skip the words of a sentence and only mention the verbs in a casual conversation, if the person you are speaking to will understand what you mean.

To get started, consider the verbs you usually use in your everyday conversation or when you learn them in class. Formulate a list of these verbs then look them up in Korean dictionary to know their meaning and when you can use them in a conversation.

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