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3 Advantages in Singapore to Learn Korean as a business language

As a rule, if you come from an English speaking nation, most of your career options are in positions that exploit your English abilities. In today’s business world, the ability to speak or understand a second language enables an individual to broaden the scope of job opportunities available to them. When people think about learning a foreign language, German, French or Spanish are some of their first choices. When business people consider learning Asian languages, they generally pick Chinese or Japanese.

To Learn Korean in Singapore is now becoming an option for most people and for three main reasons.
1. Understanding Korean Business Culture
If the company you want to work for has Korean roots, learning Korean secure your longevity at the firm. This is especially because most world-leading organizations, like Samsung and LG, employ Korean speaking individuals with those who also speak English as a first language having an added advantage. Knowing the right Korean culture is a must.

2. Better Deals
If the company you work for decides to enter into business deals with Korean suppliers, speaking their language could ensure you get better offers and deals. For individuals who decide to set up shop in Korea’s dynamic economy, knowing Korean means that you can advertise in a language your target market will understand without outsourcing hired help.

3. Increased Opportunities
Learn Korean in Singapore means that as a business person, you can attend Korean seminars, summits and other economic forums that grow your organization’s Korean business opportunities. Understanding stakeholders in their own language saves the time it takes to make decisions and close deals.


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