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September 2021

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There are different motivations as to why people are trying to learn Korean in Singapore. Some do it because they are planning on moving to Korea, others do it because they plan to get into one of the universities in Korea, or maybe they are really into mainstream Korean media and are looking for ways to immerse in it more. Regardless of the reason, becoming proficient in the 17th most spoken language in the world is going to be challenging. However, with enough perseverance and motivation, you'll be able to grasp

Have you ever watched a Korean drama and wished you could understand everything instead of relying on subtitles every time? Or perhaps listen to your favourite Korean songs without having to search for the English translation? The fact is: you actually can! Oftentimes, people think it is complicated to learn Korean – but with the right mindset and practice, one can learn Korean quickly and enjoyably. The most challenging factor when learning a new language is memorising an entirely new set of words. But fret not – there are fun and practical things

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