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August 2021

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If you were to ask why aspiring students taking Korean classes in Singapore want to be fluent in the first place, their motivations would probably range from seeking a more profound understanding of Korean culture to something as simple as wanting to enjoy K-pop and K-drama more than they would if they didn't understand the language. Acquiring a language on top of your native tongue is not an endeavour for those without strong motivation since it's easy to lose focus and interest within months. But if that's not the case, then chances are

When speaking about countries with world-renowned cultures, the first thought that crosses most people's minds is arguably the Land of Morning Calm. Whether it's their cuisine, fashion, or entertainment, Korean culture has now undoubtedly extended far beyond its country's borders and has reached all corners of the globe. And when speaking about culture, language is something that will always be part of the picture. With the continuous rise in Korean entertainment popularity, the desire to enjoy their favourite media without translations have incentivised fans to take the initiative and learn Korean

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