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July 2021

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After dedicating a considerable amount of time nailing down your understanding of Korean grammar rules and expanding your vocabulary, you may think you are ready to engage in a proper conversation with a native speaker. But much to your surprise, your conversation seems to have misunderstood most of what you’ve said. Why is this so? The ability to string together a coherent, logical sentence is not enough. While it is important to have a good grasp of grammar and use vocabulary in the right context, the way you speak matters as

It has never been easier to learn Korean in Singapore. Even if your immediate circle isn’t fluent in the language, there are still a wide variety of sources available for you to aid you in your language learning journey. The Hallyu wave has increased our access to all sorts of Korean media, from K-dramas to Kpop music. Korean media is expressive and exciting and opens up many doors for learning new vocabulary.  A vast vocabulary is important as it helps you express yourself concisely and accurately. It is the key to effective

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