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March 2020

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Despite being a rather young country, South Korea is a nation rich in tradition and history. If you wish to dive deep into its quirks, the best approach is to, of course, to see and experience the country for yourself. However, there is also another avenue far more accessible and isn’t as costly: the Korean language. Here are 3 interesting facts about the language that divulge historical facts about the nation. 1. Its Very Own Unique Alphabet – Hangul Before they had their own writing script, Koreans adopted Classical Chinese as their

Just with any other language, Korean language classes will judge your mastery with a proficiency test, Test of Proficiency in Korea (TOPIK). The TOPIK certificate needs to be presented should you wish to reside in Korea due to official matters, such as entering Korean Universities, employment in Korean companies and public institutions, and obtaining permanent residency in the country. The Korean Language Proficiency Test (KLPT) is also another test similar to TOPIK. Without these certificates, the chances of residing, studying or even working in Korea will significantly dwindle. Preparing for a

Learning a new language doesn’t come easy, but there are ways to help you make it feel easier. Ensuring that you have a comfortable learning environment is one of the ways you can make sure that learning takes place effectively. If you try studying in a noisy or crowded place, the chances are, you will be distracted easily. Instead, finding a quiet corner of your home or a quaint little coffee shop to do your language studies will do you good in helping you focus. It is crucial not to overlook the

This beautiful language has sometimes been perceived as challenging to learn, especially for those who aren’t used to their writing script. Especially for most Western speakers, their distinct grammar and syntax may be confusing and a tad overwhelming. If you’ve taken an interest in the language and are deliberating whether to enrol in a Korean class, here are a few facts about the language to help you gauge the difficulty of the language and figure out whether you should take up a few lessons. The Alphabets Are Easy Familiarising yourself with the

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