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February 2020

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Communication is a highly valuable skill in life, whether for work, school, or day-to-day interactions. It helps you connect with people, and is crucial when you want to build up relationships or collaborate with someone. While being a fluent communicator means one must know how to use a language relatively well, it is not all there is. For example, if you have been attending a Korean class in Singapore, you might be good enough to hold a conversation with a Korean person. But if you are not sensitive to their cultural habits, or

What is a language to you? While many people think of languages as communication tools, the truth is they are far more than that. Languages are embroiled in so much history, which imbues them with culture, identity, and so much more. That is why people say that language is a window to culture. For example, if you want to immerse yourself in Korean culture, one of the best ways is to sign up for one of the Korean classes in Singapore and learn the language for yourself. In fact, language plays such a critical

Do you know the number of words you need to memorize before you become fluent in a language? Fluency is based on how well one communicates despite the grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary mistakes they might’ve made. Whilst fluency is more than just how extensive one’s vocabulary bank is, it is worth to note that each word is nuanced. In order to get your message across, understanding the nuances in meanings is crucial.  To do this, do you not think having a large word bank hold some sort of value? This

Even without having to master a foreign language, learning a set of words and phrases can be more than sufficient if you wish to navigate through the foreign land. The Korean language is relatively easy to pick up, compared to many other languages. That said, there are several things to take note when you wish to speak to a native speaker. Significant differences between Korean and English  Korean is a syllable-timed language. This means that every word stress is insignificant, unlike that of English. The rhythm and intonation correspond to each

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