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December 2020

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The world is going multilingual, with more than half the population being able to speak at least two languages, making those of us who speak only our native language missing out. There’s a common myth that the older you get, the harder it is to learn something new. While this is partly true, it’s not always accurate. When it comes to learning a new language, even if you’re already in your fifties, you can learn just as fast as a young person, or perhaps even quicker! In fact, adults hold numerous

On top of being one of the most sought after tourist destination in the world, South Korea has also risen to be one of the countries many come in search of school or work opportunities. Whether it’d be for a vacation or a prolonged stay, one of the few things you’d want to get a good grasp of a few basic phrases just to ease your navigation in the foreign country. Learning a few basic phrases will allow you to communicate with the locals and slowly assimilate yourself into the

With the rising global popularity of Korean entertainment and Korean culture, it’s only natural that many develop an interest in the language itself. It’s derived from the desire to watch their favourite Korean drama or listen to the songs of their favourite Korean artistes without requiring subtitles or translations. Not to mention, Korea’s rapid infrastructure, technological and cosmetic development has made the country one of the most attractive travel destinations within just a few decades – fuelling more to take up the Korean language as a second language for better

When it comes to learning a new language, technology has been making good progress all over the world. In 2012, founders Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker developed the popular app Duolingo, which allowed individuals to learn new languages through online courses. It proved to be just as effective and even better than traditional classroom learning! Since then, the world of online language classes has blown up, with many people seeking a better and cost-effective option of learning something new. Learning through online courses When it comes to online courses, a study

When one learns a new language, there is a level of proficiency and fluency that one wants to reach. Proficiency deals with your skill level and how well you can utilise what you know. Fluency refers to the speed or smoothness at which the language is spoken. When you’ve reached native levels at both proficiency and fluency levels, that is when you’ve truly mastered the foreign language. On that note, several things go into the mastering of a language. In particular, you’d need to at least cover the fundamentals, that being

There is no doubt that COVID19 has effectively changed the education landscape. Apart from the temporary implementation of safety measures, education industries have experienced a technological breakthrough. Similar to other businesses, they are forced to shift their operations online and remote learning has become commonplace. Whilst it may be a tad different and will require a bit of adjustment, online learning has provided an avenue for teaching and learning can take place without jeopardising one’s health in the process. With that said, many are still skeptical of the effectiveness of remote

The brain is in a constant mode of learning, but as we grow older, it gets a tad harder to retain information or pick up a new skill. Similar to the other parts of our body, the brain also ages and deteriorates with time. Subtle changes in cognitive abilities include the slow decline in the ability to retain information or pick up new skills. Research has shown that the overall volume of the brain begins to shrink once we reach our 30s or 40s! The only way to mitigate this process

Asia has some of the most popular languages in the world, such as Japanese and Korean. These languages are not only popular simply due to popularity sake, but because of the impact that they have in the world. For example, English is one of the most popular languages in the world as it is a universal language spoken by many. English is also a criterion used to measure people who are seeking jobs and immigration in other countries. Over the years, the Korean language has become one of the most popular

Do you prefer online learning over traditional classroom learning? If so, then you are not alone! Being able to learn a new language from the comforts of your own home without any distraction is indeed one of the biggest factors and benefits of online classes. While many prefer traditional classroom setting due to their familiarity, online classes offer benefits that can make learning easier and simpler. Traditional classes do have their advantages, but online classes have triumphed over the years due to their technological innovations, high-speed connection, and much more. If

Language is beautiful, and it is often shared through communication with someone else who is able to speak the same language as you. When people sign up to attend a class in a new language, they seek different ways to learn the language. One such way is to find a method that allows them to pick up the language easily, and continue using the same method. The length at which a person has gone through to learn a new language shouldn't be measured by how much difficulty the person has

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