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November 2019

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Majority of the world’s population only has a first tongue which is also known as mother tongue, but it is necessary to acquire a second language in order to make us bilingual. Our ability to communicate in a second language is a major asset and a plus point in encouraging communication between people who hails from different countries of the world. Being able to fluently communicate with individuals who speak a different language is a great achievement. Here are some ways you can learn to speak fluently in another language. Strategies

Korean is a beautiful language with a unique structure. Its influence on Singapore as well as globally is readily growing. This is attributed to a vibrant economy, amazing culture and ease of learning. You can sign up for Korean classes in Singapore to experience this trendy language. If you have plans to learn Korean, here are some fascinating facts about the language to keep you motivated. 1. It has two counting systems Different vocabulary is used for large and small numbers in Korean. Apart from that, one counting system is of Chinese origin, while

Are you interested in learning Korean? If such an idea has ever crossed your mind then you are not alone. Gone are the days when Chinese and Japanese used to be giants of the Asian languages. Korean has become a big deal too and more folks in Singapore and the world at large want a piece of it. Maybe you are unsure of your abilities to grasp the language. However, learning the Korean language is actually quite easy. You can learn it in a language school or try out a

Listening is a crucial part of learning any language. To gain progress and improvement, you will need to put in the necessary effort. The same applies to enhancing your Korean listening skills. Identifying new Korean vocabulary or reading a text in Korean should be a piece of cake for you after attending a Korean class in Singapore. However, the real struggle comes in comprehending spoken Korean. What are some ways to improve your Korean language listening skills? Below, we have listed down several useful techniques in detail to help you. 1. Practice

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