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May 2019

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Many Singaporeans consider Korean as one of the more difficult languages to learn. Despite sharing some rules with Chinese and following an honorific system like Japanese, Korean is quite an isolated language, and many Singaporeans are not exposed to it. Therefore, you can say this reasoning solves the mystery behind what makes it difficult to grasp. Nonetheless, with regular practice and the right guidance, learning Korean is actually an easy feat. Here are five steps to help you learn the Korean language easily: Know thyself and understand your goals The ancient phrase, know thyself, still

Korea is a nation of wonders and many firsts. For instance, did you know that in Korea, babies are considered one year old at birth? Or even more fascinating is the fact that makeup is not just a ladies thing in Korea. Korean men are renowned for their love of makeup, spending up to 900 million U.S. Dollars on make up each year! That's an average of U.S. $ 40 per gentleman each year. But perhaps a more fascinating thing about Korea is their language. If you've signed up for Korean lessons in

Korean is undoubtedly one of the more difficult languages for a Singaporean to master. Nonetheless, considering the business volumes and close ties between the two nations, it is certainly a skill worth having. If you are contemplating on taking Korean lessons in Singapore, that's a smart move. However, take note that there are certain features of the Korean language which beginners will often find challenging; sentence structure, verb ending forms, and honorifics to name a few. However, you can overcome them. Moreover, the level of difficulty of learning any language falls to

Technology is and always will be one of the most powerful teaching tools, but only if wielded correctly. Unfortunately, a lot of people miss out on that. Enrolling in Korean classes to learn Korean in Singapore is excellent, especially if they have a long reputation for delivering. However, you can also supplement your classroom learning in your free time to speed up your language acquisition process. Here are the various ways that you can use technology to try and learn a new language like Korean: 1. Music You can't learn a new language based on

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