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October 2018

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Learning more than one language now comes as a huge advantage, especially in matters of career growth and employability. Many people are going abroad in search of greener pastures. That being the case, it is only fair that they learn one new language that will make them adapt to their new environment quickly and easily. With stiff competition in the corporate world, global companies are on the search for competent employees, including multilingual abilities. Few candidates will succeed in getting gainful employment if they only speak their native language. Language is essential

Korea has dominated a niche market in the world’s pop culture. From fashion to music, every Korean pop culture product has been admired and adored, like K-Pop music and even Korean skincare products. If you’re ever looking to visit or migrate to Korea, it’s essential that you learn the language by enrolling in a Korean class in Singapore. Korea is a country full of opportunities, and you will attract more chances and opportunities if you can interact with the locals in their language.  Learning a foreign language is not always a

Learning foreign languages come with endless benefits. One of the benefits is that it sharpens the mind. Research has found that bilingual adults are less likely to develop dementia than their monolingual counterparts. Learning your first foreign language can be quite daunting, but subsequent languages can feel a lot easier. But if you are still not convinced about enrolling in language institutions, such as schools offering Korean courses in Singapore, here are some compelling reasons to learn a new language. One benefit that is not very obvious is that learning a new language

A language isolate is a language that has no genetic relationship with any other language in the world. This means that it was not born from another language, and of all the language isolates in the world, Korean is, by far, the largest. That’s not the only fun fact about the Korean Language. Below, you’ll find a number of useful facts about the Korean language that should give you a better appreciation of the language as you try learning Korean in Singapore. 1.    Korean Language Is Heavily Influenced by Chinese While the Korean language

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