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August 2018

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The popularity of Korean culture in Singapore is soaring. Every day, more Singaporeans are enrolling for Korean courses in Singapore to learn more Korean, to satisfy their burning interest in Korean cuisine, dramas, game shows, and movies. If you are just starting out to learn Korean, or just can’t hold the curiosity any longer and would like to understand more about the phenomena that is Hallyu (the Korean Wave), here’s a couple of things you should know about Hangul. Where to Start Learning Learning the Korean language – Hangul– is probably the best

For nearly 70 years, the two Koreas have known nothing else but hostile relations. However, in 2004 there was a rarity. A historic agreement between the two halves of the peninsula to compile a “grand dictionary of the national language” the “Gyeoremal-keunsajeon” meant setting aside the differences and hashing out definitions of more than 330,000 words. Today, the project is nearly 80 per cent complete. Its outcomes are already enriching Korean courses in Singapore. The findings are also enlightening many about the differences between the dialects of North and South Koreans. In

Congratulations! You are more than just the average bilingual Singaporean. Taking up a third language – or more than three languages – is a major step. It calls for discipline, focus but most of all, guts! Most Korean language schools report several cases of students who give up or are unable to finish the course because of lack of time. If you are thinking of taking up a third language, note that time management is a major issue. You have to plan your time so as to use it effectively and

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