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December 2018

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Learning a new language is always a fun thing to do, and especially if it’s an Asian language like Chinese or Korean. Although these languages aren’t as tough as the more complex ones, it does take time to learn any new language. Our professional and personal lives leave us with only a little time to learn a new language. Many times, people want to know the exact time it will take them to learn Korean. The answer to that depends on many factors, and among them, the first thing is how

Typically, when persons show an interest in learning a second language, their choices usually include English, French, Spanish or German. If they show an interest in learning an Asian language, it is usually Mandarin, Japanese or Hindi. But there is one other Asian language that is seeing more and more persons interested in learning the language. That language is Korean. Here are five amazing benefits of learning Korean as a second language: INTRODUCTION TO A DIFFERENT/NEW CULTURE Both North and South Korea have a very rich history and culture. By learning Korean, you

The number of Korean speakers in the world grows every single day. More and more persons are signing up for Korean language courses in order to learn the language, but this doesn’t mean you only have to do that too. Traditionally, persons would only spend hours in a classroom. By the end of their lessons, they may be able to recall a few phrases and pronounce them properly. Add to this avenue to learning Korean and adopt these methods of learning outside of a classroom below: MASTERING HANGUL For beginners to the Korean

Have you ever heard the expression “work smarter, not harder"? This strategy also applies when learning Korean. Here are five of the best ways to learn Korean: FINDING A KOREAN LEARNING PARTNER Finding a Korean learning partner can make all the difference. There are two different types of Korean learning partners. The first type of Korean learning partner is one who is a native speaker of the language. He or she can help you to sound more natural when speaking the language, show you shortcuts when writing, give you advice on how

Learning a new language sounds like a lot of hard work for many people, but have you ever thought of the benefits of being able to speak several languages? In this hyper-connected, fast-paced world, there is a need to keep up with the trends. You will develop unique advantages and help yourself stand out in this modern world if you can learn at least one foreign language. Learning a new language comes with a wider array of benefits than you may realise. If you want to get a bigger picture of

To say that it can be quite difficult to get around Korea without knowing some basic phrases is an understatement. Although most Koreans will be more than willing to adjust to foreigners and speak a couple of English phrases or two, it’d be rude not to at least try and learn their language as you find your way through Korea. Having said that, learning a couple of basic Korean phrases will not only help earn you some admiring looks and sounds, but it will also make your time in Korea a

Who are we kidding? Learning a new language isn’t easy. However, it’s also very beneficial. The world is going global and knowing how to speak a foreign language is a massive advantage. Asia’s economies can only continue to grow, so it is good to learn an Asian language, especially from some of its top performers. Below, you’ll find the three best Asian languages for you to learn, and the reason why they’re worth learning. 1.    Chinese For native English speakers, Chinese is actually not that difficult of a language to learn. They actually

Teaching kids a new language is relatively easy because their minds are still young and developing. Their ability to grasp and put to memory new words outstrips that of many adults. Anyone who is new to the Korean language might think that it is difficult to learn, but the truth is that there are ways to simplify it, especially for children. If you want your kids to learn Korean in Singapore, it is totally possible. Korean is radically different from English, and this can create confusion as to where to start

Learning more than one language now comes as a huge advantage, especially in matters of career growth and employability. Many people are going abroad in search of greener pastures. That being the case, it is only fair that they learn one new language that will make them adapt to their new environment quickly and easily. With stiff competition in the corporate world, global companies are on the search for competent employees, including multilingual abilities. Few candidates will succeed in getting gainful employment if they only speak their native language. Language is essential

Korea has dominated a niche market in the world’s pop culture. From fashion to music, every Korean pop culture product has been admired and adored, like K-Pop music and even Korean skincare products. If you’re ever looking to visit or migrate to Korea, it’s essential that you learn the language by enrolling in a Korean class in Singapore. Korea is a country full of opportunities, and you will attract more chances and opportunities if you can interact with the locals in their language.  Learning a foreign language is not always a

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