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November 2017

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Picking up a new language doesn’t and shouldn’t restrict you to a singular method of learning. For example, if you wish to learn Korean, there are many ways you can learn apart from attending a good korean course in singapore. A quick search will give you a ton of information. However, these resources should be supplements for your learning, rather than being the main mode of learning. It is important to continue immersing yourself in a language to get a good grasp. Learning a new language, either by yourself or by

Now that you have chosen a language, the next step of this adventure is choosing the perfect language school that best suits your needs and preferences. Whether you will be living in the native home of that language or you are just studying it because of your interests and hobbies, it is still important to attend a language school of your preference. While every individual has their own criteria when looking for the perfect language school, we have come up with several points that can be considered. Aside from personal

Learning a new language is fun but not easy. As adults, our ability to adapt and learn can be well-developed but we still need to be prepared for a few things before diving straight into embracing a new language. Sitting inside a classroom and listening to a teacher can make you bored, however, good preparation is the key to enjoying each class while learning at the same time. Just like any other courses, taking korean classes in singapore needs preparation. Below are some tips that you might want to do or

The Korean language is considered as one of the world's most ancient languages, however, its origins are doubtful. More than 80 million people worldwide speak the Korean language. The official and national language of both North Korea and South Korea, more than 80 million people worldwide speak Korean. The development of the Korean language can be divided into 3 periods: Old Korean: Prior to the 15th century the Old Korean was spoken which comprised of classical Chinese. Chinese words adapted into the Korean Language, both written and spoken with Korean

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