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March 2017

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3 Reasons to Choose Korean Over Other Languages | Skillsfuture Korean Courses There are quite a number of languages in the world, and each is quite interesting. Different individuals have different interests and reasons in learning other languages. The language of Korea is continuously flourishing nowadays, given the exposure it continues to be given. Korean language is one of the popular languages around the world, and there are Korean courses Singapore if anyone wants to learn. Learning Korean language would entail an individual to learn more about the culture and traditions of

Reasons to Learn Korean in Singapore | Korean Language School Singapore is home to a diverse Asian culture and has become a tiger economy because of its workforce and international trade relations. Its economic growth is remarkable that it became the center of trade and industry in this part of the world. Because of this, there are a lot of expatriates that fell in love with this country that they decided to live and be one of the locals including the people of South Korea, Seoul. There are approximately 19,450 total Korean

We have often thought that learning a new language should and always be geared towards practicality. If the language is useful, we should take classes and learn about it. The most common reasons of people learning a language nowadays would be to enable them to understand the entertainment material from a particular country, or to have it useful when it comes to travelling, or just to smarten and brighten up one’s resume. It is not at all wrong to think so, but we sometimes do forget about the core about

Learning Korean language is easy in contrast with what most people perceived. There are various modern methods to learn Korean nowadays especially online and even the conventional way of learning through language centers and agencies. There are Korean courses in Singapore being offered by native speakers themselves to let the students embrace and understand in depth information about this language. Whichever you prefer, both aim to let you learn this amazing language, the people and its culture. Depending on the extent needed to learn about like: reading, speaking and writing, one

Tips for Annunciating Properly in Korean language The Korea’s Hallyu Wave has taken Asia and the world by a storm. It is immensely popular today due to its very dynamic, authentic and exquisite entertainment that most of the people can’t resist. Due to this fandom a lot of people were inspired to know more about its culture and in order to get a deeper glimpse of it some people took the time to learn about their language. Since Singapore is the kaleidoscope of cultures there are a lot of ways that

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